Unhandled event loop exception

Added by R P almost 2 years ago


I am just starting to learn both Eclipse and CUTE, so I'm following the instructions here:

When I run the example CUTE project as a "Local C/C++ Application" (Run As -> 2 Local C/C++ Application), it seems to run fine. I get the following output in the console which shows the test failing, as expected:

#beginning AllTests 1

#starting thisIsATest

#failure thisIsATest ../src/Test.cpp:7 thisIsATest: start writing tests

#ending AllTests

However, when I run the example as a "CUTE Test" (Run As -> 1 CUTE Test), I don't see the CUTE "Test Results" console.

A "Progress Information" dialog box briefly flashes on screen, then disappears, and then I get a link to optionally submit an error for something to do with an unhandled exception.

This is the link:


I am on 64-bit Linux Mint, running this Eclipse version:
Version: Neon Release (4.6.0)
Build id: 20160613-1800

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

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RE: Unhandled event loop exception - Added by Mario Meili almost 2 years ago

Dear RP,

I will gladly look into the problem you stated above. However, I need a bit more information from your side.

Can you please specify which menu you use for running the test? Do you right-click on the project and run from the menu appearing there or do you run the test from the menu bar in CDT?

Best regards,

RE: Unhandled event loop exception - Added by R P over 1 year ago


Per the user guide (http://cute-test.com/projects/cute/wiki/Using_the_CUTE_Eclipse_Plugin), I right-click on the project (in the Project Explorer view on the left hand side), then click "Run As" -> "1 CUTE Test," and I see the error described in the original post.

If I try running from the top menu bar in CDT (Click "Run" -> "Run As" -> "1 CUTE Test"), I see the same error.

I also tried running using the green Play button just under the top menu bar. I click on the black down arrow to show the Play button's drop down menu, then in the drop-down menu I click "Run As" -> "1 CUTE Test", and an error dialog box pops up. The error dialog box has the title "Application Launcher" and has the message "Launch Failed. Binary Not Found."

Thank you for any help you can provide,

RE: Unhandled event loop exception - Added by R P over 1 year ago


Never mind, I got it working by following the instructions within Eclipse's internal help pages.

In Eclipse's top menu, I clicked Help -> CUTE Help -> Getting Started.

Those instructions are slightly different than the instructions given on the online guide (http://cute-test.com/projects/cute/wiki/Using_the_CUTE_Eclipse_Plugin).

In particular, in the internal Help page, there is a step (Step 3) that says to create a new "CUTE Test" Run Configuration. This step is not in the online guide.

Anyway, with that extra step, I am now able to see the Cute Test Results console with the green/red bar indicating test success/failure.

So it's working now.

Thank you for your help,

RE: Unhandled event loop exception - Added by Mario Meili over 1 year ago


It is true that the above mentioned step about the run configuration is missing in the wiki description. However, if you run your project as a CUTE test and there is no existing "CUTE Test" run configuration, one should be created automatically. I think the problem could be that the "CUTE Test Results" view just did not open.

To verify, you could try to open the view manually by clicking "Window" -> "Show View" -> "Other...". This opens a windows of all available views. Under "C/C++" you can find the "Test Results" view. Click on it and you should be able to see the results of your test run.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


RE: Unhandled event loop exception - Added by R P over 1 year ago


To try out what you said, I first deleted the "CUTE Test" run configuration that I previously created manually.

Then I tried what you said: I clicked "Window" -> "Show View" -> "Other..." -> "Test Results". This shows the "Test Results" view, but it was already being shown anyway. So I closed it manually, then re-tried (clicked "Window" -> "Show View" -> "Other..." -> "Test Results"), and the "Tests Results" console re-appears at the bottom of the app window.

But then when I try to run the CUTE Test app (on the top menu bar, I click "Run" -> "Run As" -> "1 CUTE Test"), I am back to the original problem in the original post in this thread: I see an error popup box in the bottom right corner of the screen about an "Unhandled event loop exception." See attached screenshot.

So it seems that in my case, for some reason, that step of manually creating the CUTE Test run configuration is required.


CUTE_error screenshot_2016-12-07_23-59-23.jpg - Unhandled event loop exception (119 KB)