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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
5CUTE Test FrameworkBugNewNormalASSERT_THROWS causes compiler warning MS vc++ 2008Emanuel Graf18 Jan 2011 14:31
6CUTE Test FrameworkFeatureNewNormalSplit cute_base.hEmanuel GrafPeter Sommerlad28 Apr 2011 12:50
7CUTE Test FrameworkBugNewNormalC++0x comparing pointer values with 0 seem to breakEmanuel GrafPeter Sommerlad31 Mar 2011 16:35
8CUTE Test FrameworkFeatureNewLowTAP output class for CUTEEmanuel Graf28 Apr 2011 12:51
16CUTE Plug-inFeatureNewLowmaking CUTE plug-in target awareEmanuel Graf16 Mar 2011 15:07
28WebsiteFeatureNewNormalRemove deprecated CUTE versions from update site.Emanuel Graf26 Apr 2011 14:24
35CUTE Test FrameworkFeatureNewLowASSERT_EQUAL should give useful output when comparing STL containersPeter SommerladPeter Sommerlad08 Aug 2011 16:37
37CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalTDD Support and C++11 initializer list ctorsPeter SommerladThomas Corbat17 Aug 2011 10:20
39CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalFeature Testing with a Real ProjectThomas CorbatThomas Corbat18 Jan 2012 08:33
45CUTE Plug-inBugIn ProgressNormalNPE in ch.hsr.ifs.cute.tdd.codan.checkers.MissingConstructorCheckerBernhard MerkleThomas Corbat26 Jan 2012 13:28
49CUTE Plug-inSupportNewNormalAdd Example myclassTest.cppThomas CorbatThomas Corbat30 Jan 2012 08:14
55CUTE Plug-inBugFeedbackHighNull Pointer Exception in GcovThomas CorbatThomas Corbat10 Feb 2012 14:09
56CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowAvoid Adding Function Containing the Suite in ResolutionThomas CorbatThomas Corbat13 Feb 2012 13:27
57CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowDo Marker Resolutions Need Forward DeclarationsThomas CorbatThomas Corbat13 Feb 2012 13:29
59CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalCoverage data of header not annotating editorLukas FelberThomas Corbat01 Mar 2012 09:30
62CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowProject Relative Include PathsThomas CorbatThomas Corbat05 Apr 2012 16:19
63CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalRenaming of template parameter breaks generation of default template parameter argumentMichael Rüegg04 Oct 2013 16:21
64CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalRegistered test function checker fails if cute suite is not fully qualifiedMichael RüeggThomas Corbat02 May 2012 10:56
65CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalTest registration checker does not work together with Boost assignMichael RüeggThomas Corbat02 May 2012 11:00
66CUTE Plug-inFeatureNewNormalFeedback of test result when views are minimizedMichael RüeggThomas Corbat02 May 2012 11:06
67CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalUpdate Help for Version 4.4.0Thomas CorbatThomas Corbat11 May 2012 10:51
68CUTE Plug-inFeatureNewLowSupport for more ASSERTSThomas CorbatPeter Sommerlad20 Jun 2012 08:52
69CUTE Plug-inFeatureNewNormalCute Library Project for header-only libraries not possiblePeter Sommerlad08 Aug 2012 10:22
70CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalcannot finish creation of CUTE Library Test ProjectPeter Sommerlad08 Aug 2012 10:23
71CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalVariadic Templates in TDDThomas CorbatThomas Corbat12 Sep 2012 08:36

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