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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
162CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalUnindexed projects should not run codan checks that rely on the indexThomas Corbat06 Apr 2017 15:18
161CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalWhen adding CUTE nature the rest of the configuration should be performed as wellThomas Corbat06 Apr 2017 15:11
160CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalTDD Reports Operator == for intThomas Corbat21 Feb 2017 10:51
157CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowUnregistered Test Marker for Registered TestsThomas Corbat11 May 2016 11:22
155CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowElevator: Marker in Range-Based forThomas CorbatThomas Corbat11 Nov 2014 10:14
146CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowInstalling from Marketplace is missing descriptive labelMirko Stocker10 Jan 2014 08:52
143CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalnamespector contains skiped testsLukas Felber18 Dec 2013 16:18
140CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalport tdd codan tests to cdttestingLukas Felber09 Dec 2013 08:14
139CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalTDD and variadic template: toggling removes ... Peter Sommerlad19 Nov 2013 13:38
137CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormaladd test function markers should be added to exact node positionsLukas Felber07 Nov 2013 14:36
135CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalcustom user ASSERT issuesLukas Felber06 Nov 2013 18:13
134CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalfalse positive on already registered testLukas Felber06 Nov 2013 17:42
133CUTE Plug-inBugNewHighfalse positive when having tests another place than where suite isLukas Felber06 Nov 2013 17:41
132CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalfix nameAtCursor in AddFunctionToSuiteLukas Felber05 Nov 2013 16:37
131CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowcode contains TODO: and FIXME:Lukas Felber03 Nov 2013 18:11
120CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormaladapt cute help be generated from redmine wikiLukas Felber08 Oct 2013 15:39
119CUTE Plug-inBugFeedbackNormalRestructure Test.cpp file for Suite Module Test ProjectLukas FelberPeter Sommerlad08 Oct 2013 16:46
118CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalexample cute-test-files all use xml_listener which is not requiredLukas Felber16 Oct 2013 16:09
115CUTE Plug-inBugNewLowuse anonymous-namespace in example Test.cpp fileLukas Felber16 Oct 2013 16:09
114CUTE Plug-inBugNewHighdo not physically copy cute headers in cute projectLukas Felber16 Oct 2013 16:10
112CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormal"Link to runner" in "New CUTE Suite File" not workingLukas Felber04 Oct 2013 15:53
110CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalfalse positive "test not registered" maker on registered testLukas Felber04 Oct 2013 14:47
108CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalNew Icons for CUTE CodAn MarkersThomas Corbat04 Oct 2013 14:29
107CUTE Plug-inBugIn ProgressNormalFancier diff view with fonts and colorsThomas Corbat02 Jan 2014 16:20
106CUTE Plug-inBugNewNormalAdd Test to Suite on non-test functionsThomas Corbat04 Oct 2013 14:01

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