CUTE 4.7.0 Released

The CUTE plug-in has been updated with various bugfixes and many new features.
Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

We have just released the new version of the CUTE Eclipse plug-in. It provides the following new features:
- Macronator: A new handy plug-in for replacing macros with "real" C++ code. It can also recognized unsed macros.
- Namespactor: This new plug-in offers a collection of namespace- and qualifier-related refactorings.
- Elevator: A new plug-in which helps transforming legacy C++ code to C++11 code.
- Extract Template Refactoring: The functionality for extracting templates from existing classes and functions has been ported to the Kepler release of CDT.

Furthermore, the GCov plug-in has been significantly improved regarding the analysis of multiple projects and coverage of header files.