CUTE 4.9.0 Released

The CUTE plug-in now come with a completely new look for all code analysis markers.
Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

We have just released version 4.9.0 of the CUTE plug-in. It contains the following new features:
  • For avoiding confusion and creating an optical distinction we have added new symbols for all kind of source code analysis-based suggesions. See below.
  • There are some bugfixes in the Macronator plug-in.
  • Checker for missing operators got improved.

New Markers

There are three distinct new markers:
  • Red with Triangle: Displays a severe problem which will most likely cause compilation error. For example if a class cannot be resolved.
  • Yellow with Square: Indicates a problem in the program logic. The compiler will not complain, but the user might have wanted to express something different than he has. For example if a test case has not been registered.
  • Green with Star: Marks a suggestion for code improvement. For example to initialize a variable with braced initializer lists as it would be accomodate for C++11