CUTE 5.4.0 Released - Back to the Roots

CUTE plug-in released for CDT 9.4.0
Added by Thomas Corbat 5 months ago

We have just released CUTE version 5.4.0. It's been a while since we announced a CUTE release as it has always been simultaneous with a Cevelop release and we haven't added any major features to the plug-in. CUTE used to be a staging ground for experimental refactoring plug-ins, adding useful functionality to Eclipse CDT. With Cevelop [1] we now have a more suitable platform for such endeavors. Therefore, we stripped CUTE from unrelated features and reduced it to its core components:
  • CUTE Plug-in
  • GCov Feature
  • Boost Feature

If you're missing any of the removed features, check out our upcoming Cevelop 1.9.0 release.