CUTE 5.4.0 Released - Back to the Roots

Added by Thomas Corbat 5 months ago

We have just released CUTE version 5.4.0. It's been a while since we announced a CUTE release as it has always been simultaneous with a Cevelop release and we haven't added any major features to the plug-in. CUTE used to be a staging ground for experimental refactoring plug-ins, adding useful functionality to Eclipse CDT. With Cevelop [1] we now have a more suitable platform for such endeavors. Therefore, we stripped CUTE from unrelated features and reduced it to its core components:
  • CUTE Plug-in
  • GCov Feature
  • Boost Feature

If you're missing any of the removed features, check out our upcoming Cevelop 1.9.0 release.


CUTE 4.13.0 Released

Added by Thomas Corbat over 2 years ago

We have just released version 4.13.0 of the CUTE plug-in. It is adapted for CDT 8.8 and contains some minor bugfixes. There is also an additional new major feature: We have integrated the Elevator plug-in, which allows easy configuration of Eclipse CDT for different versions of the C++ standard. For details check the corresponding wiki page: Elevenator

CUTE 4.12.0 Release

Added by Thomas Corbat about 3 years ago

Version 4.12.0 comes with several new features, improvements and bugfixes!
- We have new features in Namespactor and Elevator, like Convert Typedef to Alias, inline Typedef, Replace NULL Macros with nullptr.
- Gcov now marks executed lines which had unexpected alternative paths green instead of yellow.
- TDD improved some checkers for missing operators.
- Further bugfixes.

CUTE 4.11.0 Released

Added by Thomas Corbat over 3 years ago

There is a new release available for the CUTE plug-in! It contains the following features:
- CUTE Headers: Escaping of invalid XML characters in xml_listener.
- New Add/Remove CUTE Nature for C++ Projects (For those who want to add CUTE to an existing project).
- Some bugfixes.

Happy Easter!

CUTE 4.10.0 Released

Added by Thomas Corbat over 3 years ago

We have just released version 4.10.0 of the CUTE plug-in. The release contains the following features:
- New CUTE logo. We changed the icons to a red/green-bar focused symbol.
- Some bugfixes in the static analysis part for TDD.

The new version is already included in the latest Cevelop release. Check the Cevelop page for more information.

CUTE 4.9.0 Released

Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

We have just released version 4.9.0 of the CUTE plug-in. It contains the following new features:
  • For avoiding confusion and creating an optical distinction we have added new symbols for all kind of source code analysis-based suggesions. See below.
  • There are some bugfixes in the Macronator plug-in.
  • Checker for missing operators got improved.

New Markers

There are three distinct new markers:
  • Red with Triangle: Displays a severe problem which will most likely cause compilation error. For example if a class cannot be resolved.
  • Yellow with Square: Indicates a problem in the program logic. The compiler will not complain, but the user might have wanted to express something different than he has. For example if a test case has not been registered.
  • Green with Star: Marks a suggestion for code improvement. For example to initialize a variable with braced initializer lists as it would be accomodate for C++11

CUTE 4.8.0 for Luna

Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

Along with some minor bugfixes we have just released the latest version of the CUTE plug-in. It is ready for the latest CDT release (Luna - 8.4.0). There is a new updatesite for this release:

CUTE 4.7.0 Released

Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

We have just released the new version of the CUTE Eclipse plug-in. It provides the following new features:
- Macronator: A new handy plug-in for replacing macros with "real" C++ code. It can also recognized unsed macros.
- Namespactor: This new plug-in offers a collection of namespace- and qualifier-related refactorings.
- Elevator: A new plug-in which helps transforming legacy C++ code to C++11 code.
- Extract Template Refactoring: The functionality for extracting templates from existing classes and functions has been ported to the Kepler release of CDT.

Furthermore, the GCov plug-in has been significantly improved regarding the analysis of multiple projects and coverage of header files.

CUTE Eclipse Plugin 4.6.0 is available

Added by Lukas Felber almost 5 years ago

  • Cute plugins adapted to CDT 8.2.1 and Eclipse Kepler
  • tdd false positive fixed in template context
  • Integration of Cute-2.0 Headers
  • Cute-Test-View enhanced so rerun is possible

CUTE Forums are now available

Added by Thomas Corbat over 6 years ago

For better exchange of CUTE users we have added the forums to this website. They are categorized into "General Discussion", "Problems" and "Suggestions". Feel free to ask questions, place your wishes and talk about CUTE on those boards.
You need to be registered to be able to write a message.

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