CUTE 4.4.0 is available

Added by Thomas Corbat over 6 years ago

  • It is not possible to create C projects as CUTE projects anymore. Since CUTE depends on templates it was never intended to allow this option.
  • Recognition of (un-)registered tests has been improved.
  • Dealing with CDT project configurations has been improved.
  • TDD can recognize friends and does not complain about too restrictive visibility for friends.
  • GCov plug-in has been improved to be able to cope with different versions of GCC.
  • Several help topics have not been accessible, those references have been fixed.

CUTE 4.3.1 released

Added by Thomas Corbat over 6 years ago

The following bugs have been fixed:
  • No more anoying error output due to closed projects (GCOV plug-in).
  • The project names are not printed repeatedly to the console.
  • TDD does not silently disable any other Codan checker anymore.
  • Because of the previous point, the checkers for indicating when a test case has not been registered to a suite should now work properly.
  • Applying the marker resolutions for test registration now work on unsaved files properly.


Not currently available, but we are about to integrate the possibility to store the test output XML formatted in a separate file.

Experimental Releases

Added by Thomas Corbat over 6 years ago

The development of CUTE and its subparts continues between releases. The resulting builds usually contain minor bug-fixes and experimental features. For people interested in bleeding edge builds of the plug-in, we now have an update-site containing the latest build. If interested use as update-site in Eclipse.

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CUTE 4.3.0 released

Added by Thomas Corbat over 6 years ago

We have just released a new version of the CUTE plug-in. It fixes a problem occuring due to the latest CDT build when applying the TDD quickfixes. Additionally, we have improved handling of TDD suggestions in template contexts.

CUTE 4.2.7 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

The new release of the CUTE plug-in contains:
  • Updated Help - Containing description of the TDD support and a short tutorial
  • Label updates, providing more meaningful names of CUTE related captions
  • Minor bug-fixes

CUTE 4.2.6 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

Today we have released version 4.2.6 of the CUTE plug-in. Users updating to this version primarily benefit from several improvements in the TDD part:
  • Better handling of changes in included header files.
  • Improved member recognition.
  • Operations on pointer should not be reported as errors anymore.
  • Increased resolution preceision for qualified names.
  • gcov should now be working under Windows with cygwin and MinGW properly.
  • Suite file creation is now more robust and reports proper error messages.

CUTE 4.2.5 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

We have just released version 4.2.5 of our CUTE plug-in. The new release contains improvements in the TDD part:
  • Extract to new header file reacts better on carret position and can be invoked from the menu.
  • The TDD checker for CodAn received their own category in the preference page.
  • Names of the checkers are now more expressive and distinct.
  • Improvements for member variable problems
  • Stability issues resolved for unexpected suggestions.

Note: The optional Toggle Refactoring it not available anymore on the update-site, as it has become part of CDT.

CUTE 4.2.4 and Headers 1.7.0 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

Today we have two parts of CUTE updated:

CUTE Plug-in Version 4.2.4

In the TDD part we have the following improvements:
  • Better resolution of constructor calls, preventing suggestion of existing constructors.
  • Extended type deduction for parameters.
  • Better type deduction for expressions.

CUTE Headers 1.7.0

A completely new feature has been added to the CUTE Headers. It is now possible to assert equality of STL containers for types which are shiftable onto an output-stream. Before, it was necessary to implement the << operator for STL containers in namespace std. With the new Headers it is enough to have this operator defined for the contained type and CUTE cares for the rest. The comparison has a well-formed and readable structure corresponding to the initializer syntax available in C++0x.

Note: This feature has beta status yet. But we were too excited about it to hold it back. Feedback is appreciated!

To get the new CUTE Headers you need to install the corresponding feature (Cute Headers -> Cute Headers 1.7) from our update site.

CUTE 4.2.3 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

CUTE 4.2 extends CDT's CodAn framework by a TDD feature. Therein a bug has been fixed.

  • TDD bug fixed which suggested to create operators (e.g. assignment) for typedef enums. (Issue #32)

CUTE 4.2 released

Added by Thomas Corbat almost 7 years ago

A new version of CUTE has been released. It is compatible with CDT 8.0 and available on our update-site and the Eclipse Marketplace. For installation instruction see CUTE Installation and System Requirements.

If you are looking for the Helios (and CDT 7.0) release of the CUTE plug-in follow the instructions on Instructions for earlier releases.

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