Adding New Test Functions

Of course you can just add new test functions by hand and and also add them to the test suite that way. CUTE also offers code generators to make these tasks faster and easier.

To add a new test function, place your cursor at the location where the new function should be inserted:

Right-click and select Source > New Test Function.

At this point, you can give the new test function a unique name. Note that the test function has automatically been registered in the test suite.

Adding Test Functions to a Suite

If you write a new test function by hand, you can automatically add it to the test suite as described in the following.

Your test function (a function is only considered a test function if it contains at least one ASSERT*-statement) will automatically be annotated by a marker and yellow underlined as shown in the following image.
Click the marker (or press Ctrl+1 when the caret is on the given line) and choose "Add test to suite".