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Reported issues: 16

04 Apr 2016

14:51 CUTE Suggestions: provide macros for testing compiles/doesnt_compile
Idea: testing code that shouldn't compile is hard. May be this could be achieved through SFINAE to achieve a run-time...

07 Dec 2015

16:39 CUTE Test Framework Bug #156 (Resolved): ASSERT_EQUAL_RANGE
14:26 CUTE Test Framework Bug #156: ASSERT_EQUAL_RANGE
would this be what is wanted. I extended it to work also with initializer_list:
void testRangesEqualSimple(){

29 Oct 2014

13:25 CUTE Suggestions: RE: Suggestion to avoid registering all the tests:
I created CUTE and the corresponding Eclipse plug-in to avoid such Macro trickery with static initializers.
They ...

30 Jun 2014

09:52 CUTE Suggestions: RE: Memory Leak Detection & Execution Times
As a C++ programmer using RAII it never occurred to me that a test might produce a memory leak. Even before C++11, on...

17 Jan 2014

11:48 CUTE Test Framework Feature #147 (New): Tests as templates
Idea from G+ (Rob Meijer)
I would be happy if there would be one unit testing framework that would allow me to:

19 Nov 2013

13:38 CUTE Plug-in Bug #139 (New): TDD and variadic template: toggling removes ...
Toggling a variadic template (member) function rids it from the ... required. this might be a rewriter issue or a bug...

15 Nov 2013

10:55 CUTE Discussion: RE: Donations?
Dear D L
while we would be happy to accept donations to honor our work, our university's managing director and boo...

15 Sep 2013

14:46 CUTE Plug-in Bug #82 (New): TDD complaining about missing operator* for pointer type indirectly defined
void dummy(){
int i{42};
const int *pci{&i}; //pointer to const int
//(*pci)++; // does not compile
14:43 CUTE Plug-in Bug #81 (New): TDD in template context moans about missing shift operator
TDD should be a bit more reluctant about moaning about missing operators in template context:
// no need to unders...

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