Green Bar for C++

CUTE is an easy to use C++ unit testing framework that leverages modern C++ libraries and features. CUTE is orthogonal, easily extendable and much simpler than other C++ unit testing approaches like CPPUnit. For example, CUTE does not require that you write a derived class for each C++ class you want to unit test.

CUTE is published under LGPL3 License (This does not include CUTE Eclipse plug-in).

Eclipse Plug-in for C++ Unit Testing with CUTE

Automated unit testing supports high quality of program code, even under inevitable change and refactoring. As a side effect, unit tested code often has a better structure. Java developers are used to unit testing because of JUnit and its tight integration into IDEs like Eclipse. C++ programmers lacked the tool support for easy-to-use unit testing, even though the language's complexity asks for it.
Refactoring and simplifying C++ code without tests is very hard. No longer!
IFS created a simple to use C++ unit testing framework - CUTE (C++ Unit Testing Easier) - and integrated it into Eclipse CDT similar to JUnit.

  • Wizards creating test frames
  • Test navigator with green/red bar
  • Diff-viewer for failing tests
  • Gcov coverage visualization

User Guide

The CUTE plug-in User Guide consists of the following parts:

Mock Support

The CUTE plug-in does not provide mock support by itself. But, thanks to an ambitious student project by Michael Rüegg, a powerful additional mock support plug-in is available. See the Mockator Page for more information.

Support Us

Due to severe budget cuts of our government we, the Institute for Software at University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland in Rapperswil, require the financial help of our users to keep maintenance and extension of our Eclipse CDT plug-ins ongoing. If you are using our plug-in please donate an amount showing your valuation of the plug-in to help. The money will be used to ensure maintenance and extension of our C++ support with Eclipse CDT exclusively.