Install – the latest release of CUTE

You can use the CUTE unit testing framework with the Eclipse IDE or as a standalone solution.

Install the CUTE Eclipse Plug-in

The CUTE Eclipse Plug-in can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace.

What is needed to run the CUTE Eclipse Plug-in?

The CUTE Eclipse plug-in depends on the following software:

Install the CUTE Eclipse Plug-in from the Eclipse Marketplace

This is the easiest way to get CUTE. Choose Help > Eclipse Marketplace in the Eclipse menu and search for CUTE. This will install the CUTE plug-in and required CUTE header files.

Updatesite Plugin Feature

Note: If you require to install optional CUTE features, please install them from the CUTE updatesite.

CUTE Standalone

The standalone version includes a test suite and an example. If you just want to use CUTE, all you need is the header files in the cute folder. Eclipse users may be interested in the standalone version for the examples and test suite.

Download the CUTE Standalone source files from the CUTE GitHub repository and add them to your source tree. CUTE works with modern GNU and Microsoft C++ toolchains, plus the Boost C++ Libraries.


CUTE Eclipse Plug-in Release 5.5.0

  • Includes the Mockator Plug-in
  • Removes the old CUTE framework versions
  • Updates the underlying Eclipse Platform to Photon
  • Updates the underlying CDT version to 9.5.1

CUTE Eclipse Plug-in Release 5.4.0

  • Updates the underlying Eclipse Platform to Oxygen.2
  • Updates the underlying CDT version to 9.4.1

CUTE Release 2.2.1

  • Enables single repo for CUTE headers

CUTE is part of Cevelop, your number one IDE for safe C++ development